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Ion Gloveset by Futuristic Lights

Ion Gloveset by Futuristic Lights


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*** Please note the Ion Gloveset comes with Futuristic Lights white gloves, not Throwlights Whites!***

The Ions are a great mid-tier gloveset with tons of advanced features at an affordable cost, by Futuristic Lights.

The Ions now include a protective coating layer added to the microlights board which increases their durability!

The Ions have an increased brightness of 25%, which make these the brightest lights ever released under the Futuristic Lights name.


  • Revolutionary Color Randomizer
  • Demo Loop (Lights will auto-cycle through all programmed modes)
  • 25% Brighter
  • Revamped Chip to Chip Communication 1.5 (C2C)
  • 38 Colors
  • 8 Flashing Patterns (Modes)
  • 8 Colors Per Mode
  • True Brightness Control
  • Battery Lock
  • Conjure Mode (Updated)
  • Demo View
  • Factory Reset
  • Same "nano" size as the Futuristic Lights Atoms
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY by Futuristic Lights

Flashing Patterns (Modes):

Ion LED Gloves Flashing Patterns


Ion Color Palette:

The Randomizer:
The Randomizer lets you generate random color sets for any of the 8 Flashing Patterns. It's as simple as clicking over to the pattern you wish to change, entering Randomizer mode, and clicking until you find what you love! Once you like a specific color set, simply use Chip to Chip Communication to send the programming over to the rest of your lights.

The tremendous amount of love from the other flow arts and LED Orbit communities pushed Futuristic Lights to create a feature specifically for use in an Orbit or other flow prop: Demo Loop! When you turn on the Ion Microlight, you will automatically be shown Demo Loop. This will cycle through each flashing pattern, changing every 12 seconds. You can turn it off by simply clicking the button. Please note that you cannot disable the use of Demo Loop. 

The Ions are LED Gloves that have been built for all different types of flow. Whether you're just starting out as a Glover, or an expert Orbiter, you will feel at home as a flow artist with these lights! 

What's In The Box?!

10x Ion chips
10x FL Casings (Installed)
20x CR1225 Batteries (Installed)
10x Diffusers (Installed)
1x FL Pouch
1x Pair Of Premium FL Magic Stretch Gloves
1x Instruction Manual

The Ions use CR1225 coin cell batteries which can be purchased here.


 Futuristic Lights Glove Size Chart
   XS       11 cm 9 cm            ~15 cm              ~12 cm
 Small       14 cm 11 cm            ~18 cm              ~14 cm
Medium       16 cm 11 cm            ~22 cm              ~15 cm
  Large       17 cm 12 cm            ~22 cm              ~16 cm
X-Large       18 cm 12 cm            ~24 cm

             ~17 cm