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the affiliate team

Join our affiliate team to become part of our mission to give a lightshow to the entire universe.

When you become an affiliate, you get to pick your own coupon code. Your code will be valid for 10% off all Throwlights products. Any time someone uses your code, you'll get 10% back in commission!

You'll also get access to a special channel in the Throwlights Discord server, and you'll have a special username color anywhere in the server.

We have a weekly 30-minute jam in the Discord server to keep affiliates informed and involved with everything we have going on. These are fun sessions that are suggested but optional to attend.

We intend the affiliate program to be a Win-Win, and we always look to give back to our affiliates as often as we can! Our affiliates are the first to get the scoop and have priority access to opportunities from Throwlights.

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