"JayDust" Gloveset

Throwlights, Inc.

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This classic gloveset is the Throwlights Jaynova chip in a modified Stardust casing. It uses beautiful LED bulbs to create trails like no other.

The full gloveset includes:

  • 10x Jaynova chips
  • 10x Modified Stardust casings
  • 10x LED bulbs
  • 20x batteries
  • 10x diffusers

This gloveset makes a great set to use at festivals or even as a primary set.

Color Options:

  • RWB - Red, White, Blue 3-color strobe LEDs in clear bulbs, with a white idle tint. Comes with two solid red superbright LEDs in clear bulbs as thumbs.
  • RGB - Red, Green, Blue 3-color strobe LEDs in clear bulbs, with a white-blue idle tint. Comes with one red and one blue, solid superbright LEDs in clear bulbs as thumbs.
  • Crayola - alternating Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, solid color LEDs in colored, frosted bulbs. Comes with two solid white superbright LEDs in clear bulbs as thumbs


  • Clear - Clear cases
  • Batman - Black tops and clear bottoms.



Crayola in clear casings:

RWB in Clear Casings:

RGB in Clear Casings: