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The Ultimate Gloving Championship 2023

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Gloving - it's not just a performance, it's an exhilarating display of light and motion that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Central to this evolving sport is the Ultimate Gloving Championship (UGC), a key event that amplifies the excitement and competitive spirit within the gloving community.


This year, UGC takes place in Long Beach, CA on July 15th, promising an intense competition with glovers from all walks of life. The event is divided into two primary contests: a 32-participant general competition and an 8-participant impact competition. The structure of single-elimination tournaments ensures a riveting, high-stakes environment that truly tests the skills of each participant. 

To purchase tickets to UGC, visit here

We at Throwlights are proud to sponsor UGC, furthering our commitment to the growth and recognition of this captivating sport. The winner of the general competition will receive a six-month sponsorship worth $1800 and a custom Throwlights gloveset equipped with 6x Keluce chips and 4x Reboots. The victor of the impact competition will be awarded a full claw set featuring 10x Reboots

But beyond the competition and prizes, we're genuinely excited about the collective spirit of the gloving community that gets spotlighted during UGC. 

A key figure in our community is Kristian Park, founder of The Lighthouse. Kristian's own journey with gloving, especially impact gloving, has shaped his approach to the sport and the way he shares it with others. Like many of us, he has experienced both the triumph of a successful performance and the disappointment of a less-than-perfect show. 

Kristian's commitment to ensuring every glover has the tools to deliver a mesmerizing performance is admirable. His teachings have influenced many glovers over the years and will continue to do so. We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to Kristian and The Lighthouse for hosting UGC. 

To join Kristian's lessons and become part of The Lighthouse community, visit here

We're excited about the upcoming gloving competition and look forward to the riveting performances that will surely redefine the art of gloving. We hope to see you there!


Gloving Competition

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