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Many thriving, worldwide artforms have evolved from an underground niche. These movements are built on the backs of pioneering artists who push the artform forward through their sheer creativity and their passion. Often times these artists are people who don't fit into the standard mould. Underground art becomes their outlet to express their individuality, their story, and their hidden genius.

Lightshows are exactly such an underground artform. A lightshow is the art of using an LED prop, such as gloves, to give performances to music. Many refer to lightshows as a type of dance. Some even see lightshows as a competitive sport or even a form of magic. What we do know is that there is no limit to what can be done in a lightshow. It is an incredibly intricate art with endless room for expansion and innovation. Many lightshow artists have dedicated thousands and thousands of hours into painstakingly crafting their shows.

We believe that lightshows will soon be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world and become one of the most prominent hobbies of the future.


Lightshows as we know it were spawned out of the rave and electronic music scene. The first lightshows were done using glowsticks. LED lightshows emerged in roughly 2006 after new advancements in LED technology were made possible. The first LED lightshows were done by "freehanding" with keychain lights, or simply clutching the lights in one's hands and moving to music.

Today LED lightshows have evolved into many different niches, frequently known as "flow arts".

  • Gloving
  • Orbiting
  • Poi
  • Hooping
  • Staff
  • Whip
  • Wand
  • and more...!

Each flow art is its own medium with its own techniques and its own stable of artists.

Throwlights is currently focused on gloving but you may see us carrying other flow arts products in the future.



Throwlights has had its roots in gloving since 2010. We were initially started as an online forum for glovers. In 2016, Throwlights began to sell gloving products. Today we are the home of glovers – a true leader pushing the space forward.


Throwlights is the only team founded and built by true, passionate, lightshow artists. We’re dedicated enabling artists to give the most mind-boggling lightshows to audiences all over the globe. We’re achieving this by producing the most cutting-edge products for lightshows, putting out great content, hosting epic competitions, and embracing new technology.


At Throwlights, we have one promise and a motto we stick by: Art First.

Art First means our commitment to putting the love of the lightshows ahead of greed. Art First means we don’t just see this as a business, we see this as a mission. We see ourselves as pioneers of something legendary – creating art at the heart of a digital renaissance that will be remembered by history.

To put it simply it's the passion that oozes from our pores.

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