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Introducing our VP of Sales, Jakeb Livengood!

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It has been a crazy past couple of weeks, but we have some more great news for you all!  

Jakeb Livengood has joined us in Throwlights and KandeKreations as VP of Sales. He currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona with intentions of moving to San Diego. He first started gloving September 2017 and his favorite festival is Middlelands. 

Jakeb has started his own personal development journey in April of 2018. He started learning high income skills such as SEO, marketing, e-commerce, social media, and more. He later focused more on his well being by starting journaling and planning his days out, reading, exercising, making motivational content for his following, and improving on his skillsets in business and hobbies such as gloving. As he put more time in, he became "1% better every day." 

Fast forward to today and he has built up an amazing following on both Instagram and Youtube, as well as becoming more active in the gloving community. 

Some well-known glovers he looks up to is Trump and Pretzl (Scott), he says they are both "extremely diverse artists." We hope they continue to inspire you. 

Some fun facts about Livengood is that he's traveled the world many times over and even lived in England for two years when he was a child, was in professional choir for two years and can solve a Rubik's cube in under 1 minute. Additionally, he loves motorcycles and is lifeguard certified. 

We give a warm welcome to Jakeb and cannot wait to see what moves he makes in our team. Happy to have you, man! 

Have a great rest of your day!! 

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