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Throwlights Pre-Launch Website is Up!

Hey guys, some of you glovers who are really OGs might remember the days of 2010-2012 when Throwlights.com was the foremost online community of glovers and many deep friendships and great glovers were borne from the site.

All along, our founders have kept their vision that gloving would some day be much more than it was at the time. In fact our vision goes so big, we got laughed at for it on many occasions.

You see, we believe that the art of gloving will be appreciated and recognized worldwide. We believe that glove artists will enjoy the highest levels of prestige for their dedication to the art. Today, you, the artist, are a pioneer of an extremely sophisticated and intricate art form... An artform that evolved from a seedy underground by the creativity of artists like you. Hats off to you, the artist.

We are relaunching our site so that we can revive our community and make our vision into a reality, for all of us.

We hope you'll support us. We'll always put art first. That's our number one priority.

- Luce


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