At the core of what we do, all glovers are pioneers of an underground artform. We know that this artform has immense potential, but the rest of the world hasn't recognized it yet. That can be tough! That's why we believe in building a supportive network, or a family.


If you're a glover who wants to be in a group of like-minded people, please apply here to learn the next steps to becoming a promoter.

We currently have a promoter program where we bring you into our family, and you'll have access to our group chats, contests, as well as a special discount for our site! You may even earn a sponsorship with us.

Over time, we envision our sponsors traveling the world, doing lightshows professionally for the big dollars, and gaining international prominence. As our company grows and the artform and the industry grow, there's no reason we can't make that happen for glovers. Pro athletes, musicians, and other artists enjoy those opportunities and we will too! In the meantime, reach out to us, join our family, and grow with us!