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BOLT is Throwlights platform within NEOSVR, an Ode to a New Realm of possibility and experiences. Connecting DJs, Music Producers, Flow Artists, and SuperFans through an Audio Reactive Venue.

what is bolt

BOLT is a modular lighting stage & video streaming playback environment with 5 Unique audio-reactive Skyboxes, capable of tracking hue, Beats Per Minute of audio in real-time, and custom Moving head lighting patterns. The Venue is an Ethereum Virtual Machine, modeled after a PCB/ CPU Socket infinity mirror dancefloor, with an Antigravitational DJ Booth Heatsink. BOLT has an exclusive upstairs RGB hookah lounge for users to sit down and enjoy their favorite Music Live Set or host a Watch Party for their favorite Movie.

coming soon

Our Soft Launch is scheduled for February. Stay tuned in so you don't miss it!