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What is Gloving?

Many artforms have evolved from a shady underground. Art often attracts deviants, people who don't fit into society's standard mould. Art becomes an outlet for them to express their genius, their creative imaginations, their dissatisfaction. 

Gloving is an underground artform in its infancy. Technically it means wearing gloves with LED microlights inside of them and using them to give lightshows to people. Although it's a very small, under-developed and under-represented artform, we believe that it has unlimited beauty and potential and will soon rapidly snowball into a billion dollar industry - in the same way that many other underground movements have started with a tiny niche and an idea and have become gigantic phenomenons; for example, skateboarding, MMA, and hip hop.

The History of Gloving

It is generally agreed that gloving first emerged in the mid 2000's at raves parties as a form of drug enhancement. Many of these party-goers would be high on ecstasy, and they found that gazing at bright lights intensified the pleasure that they felt on the drug. The first lightshows were done using glowsticks or handheld lights to dance in rhythm to the music for onlookers.

Eventually, someone had the idea of taking gloves and putting a small LED light in each finger. Suddenly, this opened up an entirely new world of possibilities for moves, as having the freedom of using every finger individually created limitless potential for movements.

Gloving Today

Today gloving has come a long way. Talented young pioneers have built it into a legitimate artform. Glovers today create sophisticated, remarkably beautiful lightshows using intricate, highly-practiced movements.

Because of its roots, gloving has picked up a rather unfortunate stigma linking it to drug-use, which has caused it to become banned at many music festivals where it originated from.

However the passionate artists who continue to glove every day show no signs of letting this stop them. The community continues to grow and innovate in the face of all odds. Even as it is shunned and frowned upon by many uninformed people, the artists keep practicing for their love of their art.

There is nothing else quite like the feeling of giving or receiving a mind-blowing lightshow. It is like performing wizardry. It is a feeling of ultimate power and pure creative expression. It is a unique experience that can be described as magical.

Our Vision

At Throwlights, we believe that gloving will become a universally recognized artform within the next 10 years. We believe that it will spawn a multi-billion dollar industry where professional glovers will be able to travel the world, make millions of dollars, and enjoy worldwide fame and recognition from this artform. There is no limit to this artform. It is one of the ultimate forms of expression.

We encourage all of our patrons and fellow artists to stay drug-free, always follow your dreams, and don't ever, ever stop creating art.

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